Patron – Daenthar, Progenitus of Inspiration

“Journal of Alexei Ridworff, Cog-o-Mancer Extraordinaire, Entry 1337.5/2:

My mind constantly flashes with inspiration! Mayhap I could combine the powers of the sun with a multi-bolt crossbow design? And then mount it on the cogwork man I worked on last week? Or possibly power the contraption with the phytophlogiston from the rootdistiller out in the compost heap…

Being able to man the workshop with self-guided tools is a true innovation! I have noticed minor changes in my dietary needs since my oesophagus was transformed to the strange piping in that accident a month back but nevermind. I’m sure this mechanical chef I’m just about to finish will be able to provide me with a suitable nourishing slurry of foodstuffs to suit the new configuration.”

Back when I started Judging, the DCC list of patrons seemed to suffer from a dearth of law-aligned deities. We’re running through a surprising rise in lawful casters currently, and this lack needs to be remedied. Additionally, Daenthar is one of the few deities in my world who has a large church following AND is willing to deal with wizards: the advancement of industry does not necessarily demand religious following, and arcane magicians may be useful tools.

Rules for Daenthar, Progenitus of Inspiration in the following PDF. You may also want to take a look at the deity description I wrote up for him, as well as the pantheon chart I drafted up for my game a while back.



DCC patron – Daenthar, Progenitus of Inspiration


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