A Field Guide to Giant Man-Apes

“Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch…these names refer to things seldom seen and often feared. Their forms and colorations are as varied as the names used to describe them. Giant creatures that often live in isolated wilderness, but sometimes come into conflict with civilization. Even when in contact they are often described with a timidity that belies creatures of their size and strength, but woe to the person who corners such a beast for they are also capable of a primal ferocity that can shake the earth.

Despite these creatures being a phenomenon the world over, they seldom crop up in conjunction with gaming. This is a real shame. The complex tapestry of legends, folklore, and tall tales that is easily available on the subject can easily be mined for rich details. They also represent something easily identifiable by the players in the general sense, while still being unknown in the specific sense.”

Bob Brinkman, “A Field Guide to Giant Man-Apes”

This week, I’m thrilled to present our readers a guest article by none other than Bob Brinkman, an old hand of the tabletops and dungeons we enjoy, known to many in the DCC community as a Keeper of Mysteries in the Sanctum Secorum -podcast.

KitN is in happy collaboration with the Sanctum, and Bob was kind enough to provide us with an in-depth look into the quintessential global myth of giant man-apes. The article contains monstrous creatures galore, a fair bit of folklore, an all new yeti-patron, and a list of suitably sasquatchian names.



DCC goodies – A Guide to Giant Man-Apes


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