Creostrax, Goddess of Excess

“The pleasures of flesh, the singing whips of lust! Greed and gluttony incarnate, the joyous abandon of bloody rage! All that is visceral, the domain of Creostrax!”

Back when I started running my DCC campaign a few years ago, I came to the conclusion that the pantheon provided in the rulebook needed some fleshing out. Key concepts and domains of worship seemed to be absent, and all in all the deities weren’t balanced in a way that satisfied me. I renovated the system to better suit my needs, and the results can be seen in all of the previous deity and pantheon articles I’ve posted here (you can have a look at the master list at The Stars, They Tell of Gods).

Creostrax is one of the original deities I decided to insert into the pantheon: she’s a sort of a Slaanesh-proxy (the chaos god of eldritch pleasure from the Warhammer universe), an embodiment of wanton pleasure and greed.

As usual, details in the PDF below.



DCC deity – Creostrax, Goddess of Excess


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