The Rod of Power

“Now, how to describe a horrible malformation of reality. No bard can sing the song, no sage can tell the story

There are no words, only emotions. And all of the emotions are… YES MASTER.”

It’ll be exceedingly entertaining to see how my two groups manage this season’s end with the divided bits of the rod. The up-and-coming jaunt to Frog Hell for my Wednesday group (Bobugbubilz actually doesn’t care about the Rod, but Schaphigroadaz might…) and the ancient dwarven citadel for my Monday party… Well, it’ll be ugly.

Anyhow, if anyone else needs an ultimate McGuffin, or just bits of magic, the rules for my Rod of Power can be found below. Please, fondle them as you will.



DCC artefact – The Rod of Power


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