A Thing from the Between-Spaces

“Worlds exist, this we know. And between them, something else.

A non-space, limitless and incomprehensible. Not a dimension, but the lack of it.

In that unfathomable realm, things float. And watch. And wait.”

This weeks article is a double whammy: an eldritch, existential, ectoplasmic patron from beyond, and a magic item to introduce it to your adventures.

This is another case where the emergent storytelling of a DCC session produced pretty cool results: as detailed in the document, the Luck Crystal of the Un-Being is essentially a player-created magic item of great power, and the patron to go with it is a result of player desire to shake off the shackles of the King of Elfland in order to give themselves into the strange.

The events leading up to this convergence can be gleaned from the accompanying documentation, but were made possible by the module Wizardarium of Calabraxis (available here on DriveThruRPG) by the famous Claytonian.

In other news, we’re nearing another great marker for the blog: KitN has been up and running for nearly a year! As such, I’ll likely take a moment to review the stuff I’ve posted in the last half-year, before stuff piles up too much. And I’ll be moving house at the end of the month, so there may be a small hitch in our broadcast schedule… but more about that later.



DCC patron – A Thing From the Between-Spaces


DCC artefact – The Luck Crystal of the Un-Being


Article image by the eldritch Joni Kesti.

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