Rose of the Stars

This week’s piece is dedicated to all of the parents who play DCC with their kids – I know there’s a bunch of you out there based on social media discussion. A lot of the content we post on the site is a little gloomy and rough around the edges, and doesn’t necessarily jive well with a younger audience. Rose of the Stars is a magical weapon and an NPC all in one, and should fit in the hands of a younger user quite well. And for us older and gloomier types I’m sure there’s a little room for variety in tone (I did write in a possible eldritch connection, so that Judges have the option to shock and surprise players with unexpected Ego checks should they so choose).

This piece actually started out with the illustration. I took part in last year’s Inktober challenge (haven’t finished it yet, but I’ll get there), and doodled this with the keyword ‘enchanted’.



DCC Artefact – Rose of the Stars