Aristemis, the Insightful One

“Two paths emerge from a gnarly wood worry fills the roaming king he wails and wanes beyond his hood but answers only the wind then bares his hands and says a prayer to his goddess, insightful one and the paths bow and tell him where he finds his long lost love” – The Song of …

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The Stars, They Tell of Gods

“When you look up to the night sky, the universe unfolds in a void of shadow and light. The pretty lights blink at your befuddled eyes. But for one skilled in reading the message in the stars, the war between Chaos and Law is clear to see, with the positions of the constellations counting score …

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Cadixtat, Chaos Titan

“Cadixtat, Chaos Titan and the Lord of the Five-Pointed Forge stands atop his crucible, petrified for all time. Was he to awaken, the world would be driven into fire and disarray, the likes of which have not been seen since the First Wars. Despite his seeming inaction, his shadow falls on the world, haunting the …

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The Doors

“So you think you’re a pretty skilled knight-of-the-post huh? I can see you can probably handle a basic lock, or even a trap or two. Those slender fingers seem pretty dextrous… But tell me, have you ever opened a Twice-Locked-Thrice-Cocked-Knock-Shocker? No? Didn’t thinks so! That’s how I lost my fingers!”

The Barbarian, from the North

“The figure before you is covered in singed furs and bones. Bare muscles twitch below the weather beaten drapery of practicality and ‘necessity’. A wolf’s head covers their face, with the grimacing fangs shadowing the obviously scarred face. ‘Ale. Now.’ ,the apparition demands in a grim tone. ‘Please?’, they add with a sudden glint of …

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“The femur in your hand is a little long, but otherwise mundane. Still, you think there must be a reason why that disheveled street artist tried to play it angrily at you before you slit her throat.”

Equipment, improved

“You say you’re heading out to the caves up in the mountains? Well, I’ve got just what you need: climbing spikes, rope, hooks, shovels, pick axes, crowbars, compasses, chalk, perfume and… …what do you mean you won’t need perfume in the caves? Haven’t you heard of the stinkgoblins?”