Additions for the god Bailey

In this first installment of what shall likely be a series, you can find my additional tables/rules (Lay on Hands side-effects, disapproval results, suggested spells) for the god Bailey, from the brilliant campaign setting¬†Hubris by Mike Evans. I have followed the deity entry format used in the Divinities & Cults sourcebooks by OSRDAN Games. Pip …

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Ildavir, Goddess of Nature

“You’d do well to pay heed to Ildavir, if you’re traveling through the Wild! She’s everywhere: in the trees, the animals, even the grass sways for her glory. I hear Old Gubbins met her last year, when ‘e was on a trapping run up Bearclaw Gorge. Says she came out of the woods, bold as …

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Malotoch, the Carrion Crow God

“Some people say building gibbets at crossroads is just a way to humiliate doomed criminals further, to let passing travelers know that the region is ruled and protected by the laws of a stout lord. This may surely be the case now, but originally the habit of leaving the judged dead for the crows was …

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Ulesh, God of Peace

“The Mediator stood at the site of an averted massacre, and admired his handiwork. The Duke had been prepared to crush the rebellious peasantry with arrows and steel, but the battle never happened due to the Mediator’s honeyed words and serrated threats. The peasants would no doubt suffer under the new taxes and extortionist laws, …

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Pelagia, Goddess of the Sea

“Ye, the sea looks like a bride today doesn’t she? Cold, unforgiving and smells like fish! HARHARHAA!”

Justicia, Goddess of Justice and Mercy

“Did’ja hear? Ol’ Hannah, from Squalid’s Row, y’know ‘er, she went to the church of the two-faced law god, whas’er name… Juhsticia! Yea, thassit. Justicia. She went right up there, stood bare-bucking-nekkid in fronta the big scales at the altar, and demanded justice for alla the raglings and droogs living in Squalid’s hellholes. Now, Mr. …

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Aristemis, the Insightful One

“Two paths emerge from a gnarly wood worry fills the roaming king he wails and wanes beyond his hood but answers only the wind then bares his hands and says a prayer to his goddess, insightful one and the paths bow and tell him where he finds his long lost love” – The Song of …

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The Stars, They Tell of Gods

“When you look up to the night sky, the universe unfolds in a void of shadow and light. The pretty lights blink at your befuddled eyes. But for one skilled in reading the message in the stars, the war between Chaos and Law is clear to see, with the positions of the constellations counting score …

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