Ancestral Memory

DCC artefact rules for Ancestral Memory, a macuahuitl of great import.

Halfling Berserker!

“I’d stay away from that short little ugly basterd if I were you. ‘E bit of a guys ear yesterday, just for lookin’ at ‘im funny!” This week’s piece is an alternate path for your halfling adventurers: not all members of this diminutive race are easygoing and nice, actually quite the opposite! The halfling berserker …

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Form Fillable Funnel Sheet!

An old dirt road, now overrun with weeds and sickly vines, rises towards the ruined citadel. A grisly sight bars your way: a pair of bodies, secured to poles by long ropey vines. The wicked vines have wormed their way inside the bodies ‘ eyes, ears and mouths. To your horror, you realize the bodies …

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Equipment Qualities and Materials

And what’s that tune he’s always whistling? What’s he building in there? What’s he building in there? We have a right to know “What’s he building in there?”, Thomas Alan Waits, 1999 This article is an extension of an older piece, one that’s certainly served our table quite well in the past (and is available …

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The Centaurs Are Coming!

Centaurs are a race of wandering tribal nomads. They are most at home on rolling, verdant plains but are known to adapt to many types of environments all over the world. Most centaur tribes trace their ancestry back to the everlasting summer of Elfland, and indomitable centaur chargers are a common sight among the armies …

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