Knight Moot #2: Fun with Fungi


– Excerpt from the personal journal of adventurer and wizard Friedrich Helmut.

It is time for another Knight Moot! This time the collaborative topic was fungi, and all the fun we can have with it. I’d like to thank all participants, and invite everyone to enjoy our strange imaginings of the fungal world.

The document below ended up becoming a sort of a mini-zine: there’s loot, monsters, treasures, wonders, and even a very loose mini-adventure. I’m quite happy with it!



DCC Knight Moot#2: Fun With Fungi


Link to the previous Knight Moot here on KitN: A Pile of Bone Blades.

Header illustration (and most of the art in the zine) by the sporadic Joni Kesti.

3 thoughts on “Knight Moot #2: Fun with Fungi”

  1. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

    Amaaaaaaaaaaaazing job, guys. I use to love all you do, but these fungus are specially well cooked. Congratulations!

    I haven’t read the adventure at the end, though, cause I want to convince my DM to play it, hehehehe ;-) Hope I will give you some feedback on this, eventually.

  2. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

    I dare to make you a small suggestion to add on Rootarelle. What if these somewhat cunning fungus wait till adventurers go to sleep and then aim perfectly on them? This way, even the hardest or most slippery targets will become one-shot with ease. Don’t you think that Rootarelle would prefer this hunting method when possible?

    Great job, btw.

  3. Thank you for reading, we’re super glad you enjoyed the article! These larger writeups are always quite a bit of work, so it’s super satisfying to hear back from readers. And it would be great to get feedback on the adventure: it is intentionally rather freeform and experimental, so I’m super curious how people run it.

    I think the intention with the rootarelle is to make a forest area into a very literal minefield of explosively jack-knifing trees. The obvious trope with fungi is that they’re slow and insidious, and the rootarelle tries to go against that concept. But I do agree that targeting recumbent targets would be very fitting: feel free to amend the behaviour as you feel appropriate for your table!


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